Script for Republican Senators about the ACA Repeal

Late tonight, in a straight party-line vote, the Senate Republicans voted to start the process of repealing the ACA. Not only is a repeal unimaginably cruel–Republicans are voting for people to die from lack of healthcare–but it’s fiscally irresponsible. If your senator is a Republican, call them IMMEDIATELY to voice your horror at their cruel, callous, foolish plan. I have made a script for you, full of pointy yes/no questions that cannot be easily weaseled away from. If your senator and their staff provide unsatisfactory answers, please share that information with your local newspapers, via a letter to the editor. (Update: note that Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, voted no. He will not vote to repeal the ACA without a replacement.)

“Hi, I am [name] from [city, state] . I am deeply alarmed by Senator [senator’s name]’s vote  in the middle of the night to begin the ACA repeal process. Does [senator] want Americans to die? Already, 45,000 Americans die a year because of lack of access to healthcare. Is that a number that [senator] wants to increase?

If [senator] is unmoved by the fact that repealing the ACA will directly result in deaths among [senator’s] constituents, perhaps they will be convinced by the utter fiscal irresponsibility of this plan. Repealing the ACA will gut the economy–as many as 3 million jobs could be lost. Repealing the ACA will add 353 billion dollars to the federal deficit! Does [senator] really care about our economy if they are willing to accept those disastrous economic consequences?

The ACA’s high premium problems primarily resulted from the Republican’s refusal to accept a single-payer option and the subsequent obstructionism during which the Republicans refused to reimburse insurance companies as they had previously promised those companies. The ACA’s failures, then, are on [senator] and the rest of the Republican caucus.

Will [senator] continue to try to repeal the ACA, given all of that? What steps will [senator]  take to prevent the repeal of the ACA and ensure healthcare for all Americans?

If [senator] insists on continuing with this foolish, cruel endeavor, I will be forced to look for a new Republican senator who is the compassionate, economically responsible conservative that [senator] claims to be.”

Don’t know who your senator is? Find out here:

 If you want to customize your script with numbers for your state, you can find the estimated ACA repeal death toll for your state here.

Script for Republican Senators about the ACA Repeal