Script for Calling Your Representatives about the Anti-Union Bill

Every worker protection we have in the United States is a result of the hard work of unions. Unions gave us weekends. Unions gave us a minimum wage. Unions gave us workplace safety regulations. Unions ended child labor. Unions built the middle class. Every victory for labor was won by organized labor unions, often at great personal expense–unionizers and strikers were routinely targeted for violence by both the government and the robber barons of the early industrial period. Many hundreds were killed. Their deaths paid for our worker protections.

The GOP has had it out for unions for decades, passing so called “right-to-work” legislation in states around the country. Slowly, persistently, they have rolled back worker protections and degraded our quality of life. The decades-long attack on unions has resulted in dramatic income inequality in spite of increasing productivity and longer and longer working hours.

Now, the GOP wants to do nationally what it has done at the state level. They must be stopped. Here’s a script for calling your representative.

“Hi, I am (name) from (zipcode). I am calling to ask (representative) to vote no on the anti-union bill being introduced by Reps. Joe Wilson of South Carolina and Steve King of Iowa. Unions are vital for a healthy middle class. The organized labor movement gave us weekends, a minimum wage, the end of child labor, workplace safety regulations, and many many other gains that are necessary to protect workers. Those gains were purchased with the blood of early labor organizers, who were violently attacked by both the US government and the robber barons of the early industrial period. As unions have been eroded at the state level, income inequality has skyrocketed and worker protections have nearly vanished.

If (representative) votes yes on the anti-union bill introduced by Reps Wilson and King, they will be voting to place the short-term profits of companies ahead of the long-term health of the American economy. They will be voting, in essence, to speed the US towards economic collapse and the pitchfork revolution that is likely to follow. Please tell (representative) to vote no on this bill and any others that will weaken labor’s ability to organize in the United States.”

Script for Calling Your Representatives about the Anti-Union Bill