Migratory Patterns

Plants have overtaken the dining tableIt’s gotten cold enough that the not-so-hardy plants have moved indoors for the winter. When I acquired these plants over the summer, I had planned to have shelves built along the kitchen wall by the time the cold season rolled around. But, finances being what they are, shelves haven’t happened yet. (Though, since our great discarded hardwood discovery last week, the shelves are closer to existing than ever!) In the meantime, the tender plants are hogging the dining table, basking in the rays from the south-facing window.

Recently, my friend Tom came over for dinner. We ate homemade egg rolls while sitting on the floor around the coffee table.

“I just want to point out,” Tom laughed when I apologized for the seating arrangements, “that we are sitting on the floor so the plants can sit at the table.”

A few days later I apologized again, to Zack, for the lack of available table space. He said “No, it’s our fault, really, for not checking the migratory patterns of the local flora before choosing an apartment.”

Migratory Patterns

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