Fall Ombre


In between baking batches of cookies today, I stopped up the street to collect leaves from the most fabulous maple trees. There are two of them, next to a parking lot, right across the street from the 5th and Mill Max Station. Every year these two trees put on the most incredible show, a whole palette of fiery fall on each tree.

I didn’t have any of the supplies necessary to preserve these leaves (nor, indeed, any idea what I would do with them if I had preserved them), so I just sorted them by color and took a picture before gleefully tossing them off the balcony. Sorting them into an ombre was soothing; tossing them off the balcony was a blast! Raining colorful leaves off my balcony may become my new fall hobby–there are still quite a few glorious leaves on those maples, just waiting to drift to the sidewalk to be collected. I’m sure my neighbors will be delighted.

Fall Ombre

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