When the Cherries Come

In the dark days of winter
–not quite the shortest, but close–
I fell into the couch and dreamed
of a cherry tree
heavy with fruit
firm and dark like blood.
The sky behind it boiled
the green gray of tornadoes
The fruit skin stretched taut
snapped under my teeth
My fingers dripped crimson.
I woke in December,

But in June, when the cherries come
firm and dark like blood,
or golden and blushing,
Pickle some.

Then, when you wake in winter,
confused in the dark days,
spread a silly cheese,
like a triple cream cheese,
on sturdy crackers.

Pry open that jar from June
and fish out the cherries with your fingers.
Place a cherry
on the spread of creamy, silly cheese


(Editors note: I used Triscuits, and the Bloomy cheese from Jacobs Creamery. The cheese might be life-changing.)

When the Cherries Come