List: How I Spent Some of My Graduation Money

I received a $50 Target gift card as a graduation gift (for graduating with my MSc in Design Ethnography). I offer this list as evidence that I am almost too practical. (I say almost, as three of the items are primarily used for baking, which I rarely do because I am busy making “real” food, which generally involves more cruciferous vegetables, and less sugar.)

  • 1 liter metric and Imperial measuring cup (dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe, though why I would ever need to use it in an oven I am unsure)
  • lingerie bag for washing my bras and other delicates, which don’t come as clean when I wash them inside a pillowcase. (I am so tired of unknotting pillowcases, too)
  • pastry cutter so that I can try this pie crust recipe (which I doubt will even work, as she is in the Bay Area where it is not constantly stupidly hot and humid. But I’m going to try anyway).
  • silicone pastry brush for the same recipe
  • silicone baking mat (a more ecologically responsible alternative to parchment paper, which I love)
  • expandable file folder to house my postcards and stamps
  • two five-pound free weights to round out the low end of my free-weight collections. (Sometimes my triceps just can’t handle eight-pound weights in good form.)


List: How I Spent Some of My Graduation Money