List: Meal Plan for Sept 4 through 10

Sunday Dinner: Beer can chicken with roasted vegetables

Monday lunch: Skillet lasagna

Monday dinner: Chicken and roasted vegetable crepes

Tuesday lunch: See dinner, Monday.

Tuesday dinner: Seasonal vegetable hash (courtesy Zack)

Wednesday lunch: See dinner, Tuesday.

Wednesday dinner: Giant chipotle white beans with roasted broccoli (only with scarlet runner beans because I don’t have giant white beans.)

Thursday lunch: See dinner, Wednesday

Thursday dinner: Shells stuffed with spinach, white bean and ricotta puree and topped with marinara sauce

Friday lunch: See dinner, Thursday

Friday dinner: Mango-chutney glazed pork with cauliflower roasted with ghee and mustard seeds

Saturday lunch: Scavenge

Saturday dinner: Stir-fry-esque-type-thing. Chop Suey, perhaps.

Sunday brunch: ?????

I am pleased that a single chicken and a four pork chops is all of the meat required for this week’s menu. Hopefully this provides sufficient protein, fiber, etc. I may end up needing to move Friday dinner to Wednesday, in the event that I don’t figure out how to make a “cilantro drizzle” by hand. It’s also possible that I am supposed to show up for voice lessons on Thursday, in which case Thursday dinner will be sandwiches from Lee’s sandwiches. That would, however, put a crimp in Friday lunch. Hmm.

List: Meal Plan for Sept 4 through 10

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