List: Things I Did Today, In Order

Woke up from a nightmare at 4:00 am
Received a visit from Zack
Convinced myself that even though I was hungry, going to IHOP with Zack, while fun, would not be worth missing two hours of sleep
Went back to sleep
Got up at 6:30
Geared up for a run
Drove to the Sutton Wilderness
Ran 1.74 miles, feeling slightly resentful of the super-tall, shirtless, six-pack sporting bros in track shorts and baseball caps who kept speeding by me. (They weren’t exactly lapping me, as we were going in opposite directions.)
Drove to Zack’s to stretch and shower. (My showerhead having recently met an untimely demise due to someone’s unfortunate amorous engagement in my shower.)
Molested a drowsy Zack.
Drove home.
Made breakfast (scrambled eggs with salsa, served with grapes and toast.)
Coaxed Brian out of bed with half a piece of toast spread with passionfruit olive oil curd.
Made lunch (sardine, bean, and snow pea salad) while Brian did dishes.
Biked to class at Sarkey’s.
Dutifully took notes in class, where Dhall kept skipping steps and I felt clueless.
Biked to Devon.
Punched holes in papers I am reading for my thesis and put them in a binder, arranged in chronological order.
Attempted to read papers.
Attempted to eat lunch while reading papers.
Threw lunch away. (It turns out that two bites into a sardine based salad is not the time to discover that you don’t like sardine based salads.)
Asked Chris what the hell I should be getting from the papers I am reading. He tells me that he has neither the answers nor the droids I am looking for.
Attempted to print new papers to read.
Fixed paper jam.
Printed and three-hole punched new papers to read.
Started reading new papers.
Bicycled to The Library for happy hour with Jacquelyn.
Bicycled home the long way, into the wind, under a gray sky that was still strangely intense with heat.
Portioned the finished chicken stock into cupcake tins.
Rearranged freezers and froze finished chicken stock.
Did dishes.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Made dinner.
Ate dinner with Zack and Brian.
Delivered a humidifier to Katy and leftover pizza to Jacquelyn.
Tidied my bedroom.
Failed at receiving a back rub, spooned instead.
Made a list of what I did today.
Brushed teeth.

If I did all of that, why do I feel like today was a failure? Possibly because I got no writing done, my shower is unusable, my network security homework is not started, and I have no idea what to talk about in my meeting with Chris tomorrow?

List: Things I Did Today, In Order

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