List: This Week’s Meal Plan

Sunday Night: Coriander and creme fraiche chicken, with roasted potatoes and snow peas
Monday lunch: Sardine, snow pea, and cannellini bean salad with red onions and tarragon dressing.
Monday dinner: Gnocci with cannellini beans and bacon in an arugula creme fraiche sauce. Roasted figs with honey for dessert.
Tuesday lunch: See dinner, Monday.
Tuesday dinner: Jalapeno, potato, and bean burritoes, cooked by Zack. Dessert TBA cooked by Brian.
Wednesday lunch: Spicy lentil and kale soup
Wednesday dinner: Saffron scented tilapia and white bean stew, with crust bread
Thursday lunch: See dinner, Wednesday
Thursday dinner: Skillet lasagna with zucchini and summer squash
Friday lunch: See dinner, Thursday.
Friday dinner: Cajun food at Brian’s girlfriend’s house. Dessert is a rhubarb tart made by me.
Saturday lunch: I have no idea
Saturday dinner: To be taken with the family in Choctaw. I will probably bring cabbage cooked with chorizo.
Sunday lunch: Scavenge
Snacks all week: Red grapes, spicy pickled carrots, and watermelon.

Miscellaneous things being cooked: Chicken stock in the slow cooker (Sunday/Monday), Fish stock in the slow cooker (Tuesday/Wednesday)

List: This Week’s Meal Plan

3 thoughts on “List: This Week’s Meal Plan

    1. Rachel Shadoan says:

      It is definitely still a work in progress. For instance, I need not to try to make two meals in one day. I was supposed to make Wednesday’s lunch soup on Sunday, but didn’t have time. I was going to do that tonight, but ran out of time again. Wednesday’s lunch soup was only on the menu anyway because I had stuff that I needed to use before it headed south. I am not sure when I will squeeze in its construction. Maybe tomorrow morning?

      Things I will change next week: Monday will be an incredibly low-prep meal, either based off of Sunday night’s meal, or something that requires virtually no chopping and cooking, like sandwiches or nibbly food.

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