Letter: To Rachel, About Studying for the Wireless Networks Final

Dear Rachel,

I am only asking you to study for three more hours. That’s it. Not three months, not three weeks, or three four days. Just three measly hours–you spend more time than that sleeping every night.

After those three hours, you can go home and go to sleep! Blissful sleep. Hopefully you won’t even have nightmares. (No promises there, though.) Then, three short hours after you get up tomorrow morning, it will all be over, and you can check one more semester off your list. Three short hours after waking, you will be free (well, free for a little while, anyway).

When you are done, you can take a nap in your soft bed, if you like. Or go swimming! Or watch the sunset. You can ride your bike to the community garden and pull every last weed from the bed of carrots. You can even have a beer while you do it! If you want, instead of pulling the weeds, you can call the carrots a loss and plant something new and exciting in their place, like a pumpkin!

When you are done, you can deep clean the kitchen floor. You can reorganize your bedroom and donate half your wardrobe to charity. You can box up everything you don’t care about, pile it in the driveway, and light it on fire for all I care. But it has to wait until you are done.

When you are done, you can build a tomato planter for your front porch. You can build a porch swing frame, hang your porch swing, and lounge on the porch with a glass of lemonade like a proper Southern lady. You can go running, you can finish the fifteen projects you have waiting on the back burner, you can reorganize your filing system, you can make that blueberry molasses cake, you can go thrifting for a new dress or two… but you can’t do any of that until you are done.

So please, please, please, finish studying. Please, for three hours more, read about TCP and wireless ad hoc network routing protocols. Please, skim and summarize the journal articles that will be covered in the exam, and for the love of lolcats, go through the slides on IEEE standard 802.11. I know you don’t care about 802.11, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Just three more hours. You’re practically done already.


Letter: To Rachel, About Studying for the Wireless Networks Final