List: Things You Need To Make Milk Stout

Things You Need To Make Milk Stout

  • Sanitizing solution to make sure everything is bacteria-free
  • Two sets of instructions (one with the kit, the other from the Joy of Homebrewing chapter for beginning brewer’s)
  • Ginormous pot, aka “the brew kettle”
  • Water (Spring water, not distilled, as the latter causes the yeast to die when their interior salts try to reach homeostasis with the surrounding, salt-free water.)
  • Steeping grains (chocolate malt and crystal malt and another one, all looking vaguely like the exoskeletons of insects)
  • Bag for steeping the grains (looking vaguely like a ratty sock from half a century ago)
  • Thermometer
  • Wooden spoon for suspending the thermometer in the brew kettle so that it touches neither the sides nor the bottom, and therefore doesn’t explode, contaminating the boil with glass and mercury
  • The Tilty Stove that Could (could bring several gallons of liquid to temperature in relatively short order, in spite of the creaking and groaning)
  • An oven large enough to fit the brew kettle (so that it maintained the appropriate temperature range of 150F to 165F, so that tannins didn’t leach into the beer from the steeping grains)
  • Mits for moving the brew kettle to the oven from the stove
  • Spoon for stirring the malt extract into the wort so that it doesn’t burn
  • Two big jars of thick, deep brown malt extract (chocolatey and intense, somewhat like molasses)
  • Maltodextrin
  • Lactose (If you forget this part, as we nearly did, it’s not a milk stout)
  • Four people’s worth of hands, for pouring the thick malt extract and the powdery maltodextrin and stirring it all until it dissolves
  • A hop bag for the bittering hops
  • Bittering hops
  • Patience, for the 50 minutes of waiting while the bittering hops boil, lacing their essential oils through the wort.
  • A hop back for the aroma hops
  • Aroma hops
  • A sink full of ice water, to cool the wort once you’ve taken it off the stove
  • A tube for siphoning the wort into the carboy or bucket
  • A carboy or bucket to receive the wort
  • Yeast
  • Airlock
  • Blowback hose for initial fermentation
  • Pot for filling with water to catch anything the carboy expels during initial fermentation
  • Pizza and mandarin oranges for feeding the brewers
List: Things You Need To Make Milk Stout

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