Idea: Coral Reef Cardigan


Recently, while falling asleep, a vision of this sweater came to me. It was in various shades of blue, and felted. Someone should knit it!

Idea: Coral Reef Cardigan

4 thoughts on “Idea: Coral Reef Cardigan

  1. Hey!! How are you??? YOU should make this – bet you could if you put your mind to it. I have a red cashmere cardi not unlike this – only problem is that it makes my neck itch……back to the drawing board.

    1. Rachel Shadoan says:

      Today I am sick and miserable, but fortunately I do not expect that to last forever. However, I did have a really great piece of mango blueberry pie, and hatched good plots for Christmas. My sister and I have decided that we are tired of giving and receiving Christmas presents, so instead of getting presents from my family this year, I am going to ask them all to participate with me in a year-long game. In this game, we will all commit to:

      1. Bring nothing “new to you” into the household, except in cases of emergency where health is endangered. (This excludes consummables, like food, shampoo, and so forth.)
      2. Move as much as possible, at least 90 minutes of exercise a week
      3. Write down one thing each day that we enjoyed from that day.
      4. Choose a personal goal similar to the above.
      5. Write a short blurb once a week on the private family blog about your progress!

      Short challenges that one can use to accumulate points will happen periodically throughout the year, like,

      “Get rid of one thing per day for 30 days”
      “Pursue a personal interest for an hour a week for a month”

      I need to work out the reward system for this still, though, to make it really fun.

      I will eventually try to make the sweater! I think it’d be nice out of felted angora. I am really not a very talented knitter, and the fringy bits would probably need to be crocheted. But I suppose there’s always time to learn! Right now I am focusing on learning to sew. In my ample spare time.

      How are you?

  2. I’m good. Have got a new full time job which is proving a tad taxing and have a son who amanged to wrap his car aound a tree under the influence – but apart from all that I’m fine. I’m liking the above thoughts. particularly 2 & 4. I’ve taken up abllet once a week, which apart from me feeling like the hippo in Fantasia has done wonders for my posture if not my muffin top!! And yes – getting rid of one thing a day for 30 days…I think I might copy that one in the new year – first 10 things will be unwanted Christmas presents from obscure aunts probably…..get well soon! xx

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