Desk Evolution and Preparing for The Exam of Doom(TM)

Formal Languages terrifies me, in part because I really am not any good at theoretical computer science.

Sure, I love to make a pretty proof as much as the next gal. But ask me to prove something under a time limit and I sweat marmosets (which are significantly more difficult to sweat than bullets).

If you add this to the fact that I must make a B or better in this course or I fail out of grad school and lose my job, and you can see why I might be a teensy bit on edge about an exam that is worth 40% of my grade. (That’s a bit dramatic. I think I would just have to retake the class. Maybe. I’m not sure enough to stake my financial security on it).

So I spent all of the weekend before the exam on the 24th studying. This is what that looked like.

My lab is in Devon, which was pretty quiet on a Saturday in the early afternoon.

Devon Lounge

The building has kind of a lofty, masculine airiness to it.


The first floor has an electrical engineering lab, which is filled with lots of mysterious-looking wire contraptions and things that go blink (and apparently also a bucket). As you can tell from my description, this is not my area of expertise.


This is my lab.


We live in not-quite-cubicles. Having our monitors face the room really cuts down on the amount of time at work that I can spend blogging. (Bonus points to who can guess which chair is mine from this picture!)

img_8628Saturday was a rainy day. This is the view across Maryam’s desk out the window. I covet her desk. If it were mine, I would turn it into an herb garden. Unfortunately, that’s a northern exposure so the herbs would probably get sad and leggy and mitey and die.


The Evolution of My Desk


img_8630 annotated




img_8636 annotated

img_8641 annotated

I finally left, 13 and a half hours later.


The pavillion outside, however, was still lit up like a fairy court.



And then I did that all again the next day.

Desk Evolution and Preparing for The Exam of Doom(TM)

3 thoughts on “Desk Evolution and Preparing for The Exam of Doom(TM)

    1. Rachel Shadoan says:

      It was so fried! I swam a mile immediately afterward to try to fix it but that didn’t seem to help. And I am looking forward to another weekend of constant studying this weekend… I am sure I had some reason for wanting to do a graduate program in computer science…

      I did at least schedule in a mandatory study break tomorrow! I am going to make cupcakes! Specifically, vanilla cream cheese cupcakes with teeeeeny tiny pumpkin pies baked inside them. With cinnamon cream cheese frosting!

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