Berlin (Again, Always): Biesdorf-Sued

23 July 2010 17:00 (5:00 pm)

I am at the Biesdorf-Sued U-Bahn station, at least half an hour before I am supposed to be here. I would call Steven to let him know that I am early, but I think that might stress him out nearly as much as me being late. So I will just sit here, with my quarter of a watermelon and bouquet of peonies. Maybe I will listen to some music, or Elizabeth Gilbert’s audiobook. It is raining, the drops echoing on the corrugated steel roof of the station. It is almost cool enough to want a jacket. Okay, I am already regretting not bringing a jacket.

Tomorrow I will go with Diana to the camping place. I expect I will stay the night there. I find this to be a less awkward prospect than staying with Kevin, which is where I am staying tonight. I am not sure that Kevin even knows–it was arranged through Steven, and Kevin’s mother.

The last time I sat this long at this station, I was waiting like a crazy person, hoping to run into someone as he left to go somewhere. (I just happened to be passing through, and thought I’d stick around). I do hope I have outgrown that kind of stupid, but judging by my behavior with a certain few gentlemen who shall remain nameless, sources point to no.

I am slowly growing accustomed to being untethered. I think I could probably get to like it quite a bit. The trick is, then, to get a grip on my running internal monologue. Hopefully scrawling in this little notebook will do just that.

Berlin (Again, Always): Biesdorf-Sued

One thought on “Berlin (Again, Always): Biesdorf-Sued

  1. Rachel, I am loving this travelogue. This one is very poignant and reminds me of myself waiting and hoping. And no, you never outgrow that kind of stupid. That sort of thing makes us who we are – human.

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