Yacht Rock in the Scottish Summer

I just got home from Ali’s yacht rock concert. Yacht rock, for the uninitiated, is a genre. It was not a rock concert on a yacht. Instead, it was in a massive (by Scottish standards) bar called Duke’s Corner. It was practically the size of a bar in Oklahoma or Dallas (and reminded me strongly of them.)

I wandered home after their first set, meandering in the lengthy blue twilight, slightly tipsy from the elderflower and lime cider Alicia bought for me (she said it tasted like dish soap, and indeed, it was strongly floral), my head soft and buzzy from the loud concert.

Now I am reclining in my beautiful bower at the top of my amazing new flat. The twinkle of the lights on the tay out my window is barely visible–a light fog has descended over Fife. The window to the south is open wide to let in the cool night air–the skylight to the north is close to keep out the road noise from the Perth Road.

It was, all things considered, a good day. I tried to sleep in until 10:30, to rack up an entire eight hours of sleep, but my body had other ideas and gave up at around hour seven. I think the brightness throws off my internal clock some, making it difficult to sleep in (and rendering me fuzzy headed and sleepy in the afternoon. Hmm, probably calls for a nap).

I spent the morning trying to read academic treatises on video games (and largely failing), so I made a to-do list. The top of that list was buying new running shoes, so after figuring out that The Dundee Runner wasn’t where I thought it was, I took the bus (National Express 2) up to the Lochee area to pick up new shoes.

At the Dundee Runner, I was treated to some of the best customer service I have experienced in the UK. I explained that I needed running shoes, and after he gathered some information from me, (my weekly mileage and my shoe size), he began pulling pairs of shoes from the boxes stacked up the walls of the little store. I tried on a six, which was a trifle too small, then a 6.5, which was perfect. He asked if I was planning to wear such thick socks while running. I allowed as how they were all I had, but I was totally open to suggestions. He had me try the shoes on with some nifty two-skin socks, which are made of two layers, the idea being that any blister-creating friction would happen between the two layers of socks and not between the sock and your foot. The running shoes were like bliss on rubber. The gentleman explained that running shoes are designed not only to cushion the impact of your foot hitting the ground (something I desperately needed since I’m developing annoying shin pain) but also give you a little bounce back. Very nice. I bought three pairs of two-layer socks, too.

That was followed by a wee wander through Lochee, exploring nooks and crannies I had not seen before. I indulged myself for a good ten minutes, doing nothing but blowing dandelions in a field. I took pictures of an old cemetary on a hill, as well.

After I renewed my gym membership and moseyed home, Alicia and I headed for the beach in Broughty Ferry. I liberally applied sunscreen to my alabaster skin while she made us decadent sandwiches. We finally made it to the beach, only for the wind to pick up, the clouds to blow in, and the temperature to drop significantly. There would be no swimming and basking for us. We lasted for less than an hour before meandering back home, where I showered andlazed around before the yacht rock concert. Alicia has better yacht-wear than i do–I settled for hippie skirts and my cotton tie-dye top. She paired a black dress with her pearls and a button up tied flatteringly under her bust.

For breakfast today, I had sauted chicken, onions and peppers on a tortilla with goat cheese. It was decadent, folks. Try it.

I did not get the rhubarb processed into desserts today. Hopefully some of this will get done tomorrow. One the roster: experimental rhubarb pie, a rhubarb-apple crisp, and vanilla rhubarb cupcakes.

I’ve been making a mental list of rewards for achieving various long-term goals. Among them are, in no particular order:

  • a good leather jacket
  • a ballgown made from the 16 yards of colorful duponi silk I bought before I left for Scotland
  • a kayak
  • a small digital camera for ethnography work
  • a Dyson ball vacuum cleaner
Yacht Rock in the Scottish Summer

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    1. Rachel Shadoan says:

      hmm. Well, it’s kind of like. Hmm. You know Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”? It’s a lot like that. In fact, they played a cover of that!

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