Ireland Adventure: Edinburgh Airport

Written about the Edinburgh Airport on May 1, 2010

As I anticipated, my mood improved post sandwich, with the liberal application of music from my mp3 player to drown out the offending Scots. In many ways, that was the last of the bumps in our travel. At Haymarket, we found an ATM and a bus to the airport with little trouble (excepting some confusion with the signs). The airport itself was blissfully quiet and nearly empty; check-in and security were painless. No one made me take off my shoes! I nearly died from happiness. All of the airport food establishments were closing down, thwarting Alicia’s attempt to start her all-beer diet a day early, but this did not cramp our style too terribly. We sat at the gate, flipping through magazines while we waited for our flight, which had purportedly been delayed

The electronic sign at the gate, announcing which boarding stage we were supposed to be in, read only, “Please wait.” I turned to Alicia and asked, “What can we do other than wait?”

She looked at me, her face a mask of seriousness, and said, “Riot.”

A short time later she showed me an article in the magazine she was reading that she felt captured Scotland in a nutshell. The article was on the latest fashion accessory–the summer scarf.

Where we come from, scarves are not a summer accessory, pretty much ever.

I tired of the magazines fairly quickly, and concentrated instead on practicing my observation skills. In particular I practiced listening to and transcribing the conversations going on around me. Fortunately for me, the group of Irish and North American kids sitting nearby were having a supremely interesting conversation. One of the Irish boys was recounting a conversation he had had with his girlfriend, Heather.

“Do you know what a tequila suicide is?” He had asked her. “It’s where you take the lemon, squeeze it in your eye, snort the salt, and then take the shot of tequila.”

“And that kills you?!” She asked, horrified. “I should be more careful!”

After recounting that conversation to his friends, he said, “Her response made me fall in love with her just that much more.”

Ireland Adventure: Edinburgh Airport

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