In Ireland

I loved Ireland from almost the moment I stepped off the plane. In customs, after I recited the obligatory description of the UK entry denial from last fall, the ruddy Irish customs agent grinned at me and said, “They never got over the revolution.”

Pictures and a full rundown when I get home–internet is sporadic, and honestly I am going to be too busy playing and dancing and hiking and surfing and swimming and  kayaking and eating and basking and pubbing and singing and in general living it up to be glued to my computer.

I’ll be here for a week. I get the feeling that I will never go home in my heart. (Looking for an Irish man to marry so I can secure my place in this country.)

In Ireland

5 thoughts on “In Ireland

  1. Jessie says:

    Sounds amazing. I loved Ireland, too — from the moment the customs agents greet you, you’re glad to be quit of the UK.

    1. Rachel Shadoan says:

      unfortunately not! I did see a particularly stunning ginger on the plane ride home… but no proposals were made.

      I’ll have the full rundown this weekend or early next week–I’ve been doing some catch-up writing for Square Go, and some contract writing.

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