Meta-Blognition: Contemplating Regular Content

As you might have gathered from my discussion of roles in the blogosphere, I have been thinking about the whys and hows of blogging. In particular, I have been toying with the idea of moving to more regular content. I haven’t decided yet–my inner anarchist bucks wildly at the idea of being bridled to a routine. However, my inner pragmatist knows that I do exceptionally well when I do have a regular schedule. So while they’re having fisticuffs in the background, I am going to run a little experiment. I am going to test this “regular content” idea for sustainability.

Here is the content I am considering turning regular. Note that they are all alliterations. Alliterations make it better.

Making Mondays:

These would be updates on projects that I am working on, be they for work work or school work or play work! Topics include my genetic algorithm for recipe creation, my summer project, and whatever I end up doing with the beautiful ombre-dyed rainbow wool I have.

Tasty Tuesdays:

Recipes, for your drooling pleasure.

Wordless Wednesdays:

A picture from the week, minus the incessant Rachel chatter. Clever idea stolen from Mrs. Mutterer!

Thoughtful Thursdays:

Essays on my thoughts on life, the universe, and everything. Topics include things like the camraderie and calamity of shared resources, why Snape is the most compelling Harry Potter character, and a reaction to Nightmare Before Christmas.

Story Saturdays:

Stories from my life. Topics include things like the story of the sweet potato tart, the story of my first solo cross country flight, and the story of the snoring duck.

The experiment will probably begin when I return from Ireland (May 10th), though possibly not until the week after I get back, which would be May 17th.

Meta-Blognition: Contemplating Regular Content

One thought on “Meta-Blognition: Contemplating Regular Content

  1. I thought I had very cleverly just coined the term “metablognition.” So I googled it and ended up here.

    As far as regular content, I think it’s a double edged sword. It might encourage you to be more faithful and prolific; but it could also constrain you. I started doing a regular Flashback Friday on my blog, and people seemed to like it. But I stopped trying to make it a regular thing when I realized it was sometimes preventing me from writing about what was actually on my mind.

    The other thing I do semi-regularly is “Random Tuesday Thoughts,” through The Un Mom blog. It’s pretty fun because you link up with other bloggers who are doing the same thing. For me it’s provides low-pressure impetus to post and share. Check it out:

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