Pointing: Sparks and Catastrophic Comics

So, ages ago, when I still lived in a warm climate and had a car to drive, I heard a little radio piece on NPR about motion comics for the iPhone. It sounded suitably neat, so I investigated.

Catastrophic Comics is producing Sparks, a noir superhero semi-animated thing which you can view on your iphone. Being a great lover of noir, superheroes, and comics, as well as a sucker for neat storytelling devices, you can see why this excites me. Unfortunately, I am not a great lover of Apple, and do not own or plan ever to own an iPhone.

However, the idea is still worth a looksee.

Here is a preview of the comic itself:

And a little “documentary” teaser thing about it.

Pointing: Sparks and Catastrophic Comics

2 thoughts on “Pointing: Sparks and Catastrophic Comics

  1. sean says:

    It looks like an animatic. A well-drawn, coloured in animatic, but still an animatic.

    Also, it appears to have Psycho-Mantis from Metal Gear Solid in it?! (0.57 in the video)

    1. rachelshadoan says:

      Little did you know, Psycho-Mantis is everywhere, lurking…. But, even if Psycho-Mantis is everywhere, at least you’re not having to drag Meryl’s whiney ass with you, too.

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