Email: From Shanna

To: Rachel
From: Shanna
Date: Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 11:00 PM
Re: Lantern Fish (Not What You Think!)

My dearest,

You are charming beyond all reasonable scales of measure! I love you so much and I wish I was there to play frisbee with you and be the other half of your dueling banjos. I love the right-cubby rainbow yarn! You know, something so beautiful like that could be made into a very simple, but stunning scarf. It doesn’t even matter if the yarn is thick or thin, just use rather larger needles and cast on multiples of 4 plus 3 (so 19 or 23), and then do my favorite pattern ever: just k2, p2, and then knit the last three stitches. It turns out so pretty, and it will show all the colors so beautifully. Or my second favorite pattern is to cast on in multiples of 6 (actually this is my first favorite pattern) and for the first row, k3, p3 and repeat, and then for the second row k1 p1 and repeat. It’s a rib that doesn’t shrink and that really looks so pretty!

Oh eggplants! I could sing of them forever! Except that the seeds make me want to faint because they’re so disgusting, which involves me fleeing to the hallway and hollering directions to Ceren in the kitchen to make sure she gets out every seed. But she never does (I think its probably one of those tasks that ancient gods used to give their humans) because its impossible, so I’m trying to get used to them! The yummiest way: pierce it a few times with a fork, and then put it in a pyrex and broil it until it’s all soft and roasty. And then scoop out the insides and mash it with GARLIC, lots of it, and olive oil and salt and lemon juice, and it makes what’s called patlican salatasi (this is one of the Turkish words you know!! yay!!) eggplant salad. Oh, it’s so good!!! Or sometimes I cut them (or rather, my dutiful and loving Ceren does, on account of the seeds) into chunks, along with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes and broccoli and whatever other veggie you have around, and then coat them with olive oil and pepper and salt and lots and lots of garlic, and sometimes hot pepper flakes and paprika and italian seasoning, and then roast them at 450 or maybe less, until they’re done. Either way is delicious!!!

I can’t believe you’re coming to Turkey too!!! It’s like, in one summer, all my travel dreams are finally coming true!!!

Love you so much,

Email: From Shanna

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