List: Technical Difficulties I Have Encountered Tonight

  • The Design Ethnography studio closes at 5, cutting me off from a Mac full of design software that I need
  • Ubuntu Intrepid Ibix doesn’t play nice with the University wifi
  • LIVes is not in the Ubuntu package repository (Solution: switch to windows to download things to run in Ubuntu)
  • No photo editing software on the QMB mac (Solution: use GIMP in Windows on my laptop)
  • iMovie on the QMB Mac won’t open iMovie project files saved in iMovie on the Mac in the DE studio
  • iMovie on the QMB Mac is ancient and has a truly horrific interface for showing where to start and end a clip of an image–makes it basically impossible to end a clip of an image and then start the next clip of it in the same spot so that it’s seamless (Solution: update iMovie on the QMB Mac)
  • I don’t have administrative access to make changes to the Applications folder on the QMB Mac (Solution: Switch to Final Cut Pro)
  • Final Cut Pro won’t import .m4v files (Solution: Convert them in Quicktime Pro)
  • QMB Mac doesn’t have Quicktime Pro (Solution: Transfer .m4vs to thumb drive, reboot laptop into Ubuntu, convert them in avidemux or something, transfer them back to the QMB Mac, and then reboot laptop in Windows so that I can have internet access on my laptop for Googling help resources and all the video editing stuff on the Mac monitors.)
  • Avidemux won’t convert from .m4v to .mov (Solution: Ask google for help)
  • Google only turns up more software to download and install, most of which is not free. (Solution: give up on the conversion and decide to redo those video clips)
  • I have no clue how to work Final Cut Pro (Solution: Recruit Ceara to help)
  • Ceara is fighting with Photoshop CS4, delaying help (Solution: return to original plan of downloading the LIVes tarball and rebooting into Ubuntu and installing it)
  • LIVes prefers 10 GB of space on my harddrive, which is not currently that available because I haven’t had a chance to stop long enough to clear stuff out and back it up since January. (Solution: Google Final Cut Pro tutorials)
  • I have exhausted my patience with incompatibility (Solution: cry. Or drink. Possibly run screaming across campus.)
List: Technical Difficulties I Have Encountered Tonight

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