Simple Food: Avocados and Tomatoes on Toast


I first discovered my love of avocados the summer I was 17. Being 17 and having little skills in the way of moderation, I promptly began eating half an avocado a day for basically the entire summer. After that, my body rebelled and refused to digest avocados anymore. I spent six long years pining for them until, rather abruptly, I discovered that I could eat them again! (Now I can’t eat raspberries, which is sad but not nearly as sad as not being able to eat avocados).

The avocado preparation that I found so addictive at 17 is still pretty doggone delightful, the moreso for its simplicity.

Avocados and Tomatoes on Toast

To begin, make toast. Use good bread (I recommend against the fluffy pre-sliced kind. Go with sourdough or a baguette or something).

While the toast is toasting, slice up an avocado. (Note that removing the pit with a knife takes practice. Protect your hand with a layered towel or an oven mit or a chain mail glove the first couple of times you try it. Otherwise, just use a spoon, which is what I did until last week.)

Then slice some tomatoes (I have always used cherry or plum tomatoes for this, simply because that’s what I always seem to have on hand.) Sprinkle their cut sides with sea salt.

When the toast is done, lay the avocado slices on it, then lay the tomatoes cut side down on the avocado.


Simple Food: Avocados and Tomatoes on Toast

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