Birthday Cards

Birthday Card from Caoimhe

For my birthday this year I received a number of truly awesome birthday cards. Caoimhe drew this one for me–if only my hair looked that neat normally! Note the careful inclusion of the lobster hat!

Adorable Sheep from Neha

Neha T, knowing my great love of sheep, drew me what is quite possibly THE CUTEST SHEEP IN THE UNIVERSE.

Janey, on the other hand, kept with the tradition my sister and I have of sending somewhat inappropriate–but no less delightful–cards. The best part about cards designed for 3 year olds? They have coloring pages!

Birthday Card from Janey Page1

Birthday Card from Janey Page 2

Birthday Coloring Page from Janey

Birthday Inscription from Janey

Alicia’s card, the first I received, came complete with a beautiful, smooth quartz stone found on Lunen Bay, a perfect gift considering that I threw back all of the stones I had collected weekend before last.

Birthday Card from Alicia

Birthday Inscription from Alicia

Danielle’s card was a beautiful print of one of her pieces of artwork.

Beautiful Print from Daniellet

I have such amazing, delightful friends.

Birthday Cards

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