Birthdays Past: Best Birthday Party in Recent Memory


When I turned 21, we made sock puppets. I know, I am supposed to have been out in some bar, doing shots of the back of a male stripper or something equally ridiculous. But what can I say? I am a renegade. So sock puppets it was.

Because I have awesome friends, the sock puppet creation was enthusiastic and creative.


Jessica was working on a young French sock puppet.


Alice started work on a ballerina.


Lori put her efforts into a lady to decorate the street corners.

erin looks skeptical

And Erins? Well, I’ll show you hers in a bit (it’s just that awesome.)

Even my sister and brother, no doubt mortified to be related to me, made sock puppets. IMG_3194

That’s Wesley’s hand in a sock puppet. Note his minimalist design–this is a theme in his life. I’m sure it had nothing to do with his discomfort in making sock puppets with a bunch of weird science kids.

shanna and a sock puppet

Shanna created the most adorable tiny ballerina sock puppet.

We posed with the puppets:


Jessica and her French Miss


My dad with the sock puppet I made


Jacquelyn and the beret-wearing Mr. to Jessica’s French Miss


Lori with her puppet of Epic Weave

Then there was cake! Yes, those are tiny dinosaurs on my cake. Yes, I still have them. Hush. You only wish you were as awesome as I am.



I extinquished the candles using the power of Ray Ballew Trained Lungs of Steel (TM) and the Lobster Hat of Amazingness. Note the fashionable baby ballerina sock puppet artfully placed on one of the lobster hat’s legs.

still blowing out candles

After cake the puppets went in for close-ups.




Lay off the collagen puppet

Lush Puppet

Lori’s Lady Puppet found a friend in a snifter of bourbon.

And finally, for the most epic sock puppet of the evening: Erin’s Bunny Sock

Erin's Bunny Rabbit Sock Puppet

It was awesome! Here’s hoping that this year’s bubble wrap dance party and potluck is at least as delightful.

Birthdays Past: Best Birthday Party in Recent Memory

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