Times for 500m Swim


Total Time

Avg. Time Per Lap
17 Jan 2010 00:18:45 0:01:52
17 Feb 2010 00:14:00 0:01:24

That, folks, was a 28 second/lap improvement in 1 month. Booyakasha.


When I timed myself in January, I was not pushing myself terribly hard. I was swimming in the upper middle of my ability range. It was at the beginning of my workout, too.

Today, however, I decided to time myself on a whim, at the end of my workout. With ten minutes left on my clock, I set off at just below my fastest sprint. About halfway through my second lap, it became apparent to me that if I kept up that pace, I would drown myself. So I kicked it down a notch in hopes of not dying. By halfway through lap 8, I did think my lungs might give out, but I perserved, attempting valiantly to pull in as much oxygen as possible per breath.

Now, my lungs feel like they’ve been scraped raw (surprising, since the pool and the air around it is so warm). But I am pleased with a nearly 30 second improvement. I am also pleased that it’s my lungs that slow me down–my muscles could easily, easily have gone faster. I would just have drown. I’m already breathing every third stroke, though, so it’s not really feasible to breathe more often. I think I should aim for more efficient use of oxygen.

I am hoping to get down to 00:7:30/500 m by the end of the year. That’s cutting the lap time down by a little under half, or an improvement of 4.2 seconds/lap per month. If I run that same 500 m insanity three times a week, I’m pretty sure I can do it. I just need to go watch YouTube videos on swimming form. A virtual coach is almost as good as a real one, right?

Any advice from the swimmers in my audience?


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