I am alive

Or, at least, reports of my death are highly exaggerated.

I am finally home from my misadventures on the continent. As souveniers from my travels, I have 11 blisters on my feet, a respiratory infection, a head cold (likely the cause of the respiratory infection), partial deafness, and hives. I’m sure this is indicative of successful travel, somehow.

I have spent the last three days sleeping a lot, trying to keep well hydrated, and watching movies on my laptop. Hopefully, as I begin to feel more human, stories from my adventures will be forthcoming. It has been a very full month–something my now disease-riddled body can attest to.

Dundee is as covered in snow as when I left it two weeks ago. Only now, the six or so inches of fluffy white on the sidewalks has been packed down to three or four inches of uneven, treacherously slippery ice. Apparently they don’t believe in salting the pavements here.

Ilya is coming up for dinner. I am going to make tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, as soon as I can find the motivation to move. Tomorrow I will boil up the five or so chicken carcasses that have been languishing in the freezer and make chicken stock, some of which I am intending to drink as soon as it is finished.

I resolve to go out as little as possible until I am feeling better (which I hope is soon–I had never realized how much I rely on my hearing for just about everything). To facillitate this resolve to not go out, I am having Tesco deliver my groceries tonight, sometime between 9 and 11 pm. I am very glad to be back in the UK, where grocery stores are open on Sundays, and internet is easy to locate. There really is something to be said for convenience.

I am alive

2 thoughts on “I am alive

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor says:

    I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy your trip! I received your postcard this morning! Evidently it had trouble getting home too.

    Your Christmas Eve reminds me of a New Years Eve I had many moons ago. We had driven down to Switzerland for Christmas (my ex was half Swiss and we’d been to visit his family). For some long forgotten reason, we had to drive home on NYE, and decided to stop in Luxembourg overnight. We found an awful motorway services type motel and checked in, then headed into the city for dinner. It was dead. Completely empty. Most restaurants were shut. There was one open, but of course it was completely full up. So after trawling around for hours we headed back to the motel. The shop there sold bread and “plastic” ham and “plastic” cheese. So that was our meal. We had to sneak into the closed restaurant and steal a knife to cut the cheese. We spent the whole evening watching MTV as there was no other channel we understood. We celebrated the New Year at midnight with a couple of half-hearted “whoops!” and “yays!”, and then realised we were on Europe time and wondered if we should do it again in an hour for UK time. We couldn’t be bothered.

    Then to top it all off, in the middle of the busy roadworks on the M25 around London, our exhaust fell off the car. They had blocked off the hard shoulder, so we had to stay where we were and cause a massive traffic jam until someone came to tow us to safety. This was the days before we had mobile phones, and we couldn’t get to the emergency telephone, so we just sat tight and hoped someone would see us!

    Stupid Switzerland. I blame them.

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