Late Night Shower

It’s late and the house is quiet. It’s the quiet I associate with winter–the hush when the heater has cut off and there are no insects outside to hum. It is an unbelievably satisfying lack of noise.

Janey is nestled up in bed beside me–she’s having roommate troubles and could use some comfort. I wish there was something I could do for her other than offer a soft memory foam mattress and a snuggly down blanket.

Our shower was replaced today–finally. To celebrate the second hot shower I’ve had since September, I sat in the hot, hot shower for two hours. It cost me two pounds of electricity, and was worth every penny. The shower can apparently now get hotter than my skin can handle. It was delicious.

It was a good day, full of good food, warmth, and good company. I have pictures of today, as well as of my week, to share with you–but they need a bit of processing first. I hope to have them up soon. It has been a full week, as well. Trossachs, snow, storytelling, a big band performance…Dundee is full of life and richness.

Late Night Shower

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