Too Much Tea

I just finished my third cup of tea in two hours, and I can tell it was at least one cup too much. I’ve been using the Scottish Beverage Approach to Problem Solving, step one of which involves copious amounts of tea. I have been attempting to tea myself into finishing my essay.

And now I can tell that I have had too much.

It starts with a queasy, nauseous feeling, accompanied by a nervous hum in the veins. I feel like running to bleed off the excess energy, but give it even odds that running would result in puking. Not to mention the fact that I should be sitting, right here, writing my essay. Typing, however, is not physical enough to satisfy the buzzing humming thrumming demand for motion. You feel it at the base of your spine, warm and insistent, radiating outward, begging for running dancing kicking jumping flying.This is the kind of energy that is well suited to starting fist fights, to sprinting, to whirling twirling skimming low across the grass, to rough and tumble, to scaling cities like they were concrete jungle gyms.

However, since those are not an option, I will sit, ignoring the electric humming of my blood, and try to write my essay.

This is why I hate uppers.

Too Much Tea

5 thoughts on “Too Much Tea

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor says:

    I feel very much like this as for about a week now I have been eating all the chocolates I bought for the childrens christmas stockings. And because I don’t drink tea or coffee I have accompanied them with hot chocolate. The trouble is I don’t know when to stop, so even though I’ve been feeling queasy since about 3.30 this afternoon (the scones, cream and jam didn’t help) I am still scoffing Cadburys Roses like there is no tomorrow!

  2. rachelshadoan says:

    I completely understand that problem. In particular I experience it with Jelly Belly sour jelly beans. They are intensely flavored and delightfully tart (and that’s saying something, coming from me, being that I prefer my lemonade just this side of battery acid). They are also possibly laced with something highly addictive, perhaps crack cocaine. I am basically incapable of ceasing to eat them until I have no access to them anymore. Thinking about them, in fact, puts a pretty maniacal gleam in my eye. And, the internet tells me, I can even order them in 10 pound containers! (

    I am pretty sure that my death is inevitable whenever I place an order for a 10 pound box of the crack beans.

    I have been meaning to make hot chocolate for several weeks now, even if I can’t find my favorite baking chocolate. I start mine by simmering cream with cinnamon sticks, red chili peppers, and vanilla beans, which I later melt bittersweet chocolate into before cutting with milk. But I think that style of hot chocolate is maybe the kind that’s well suited to accompanying anything. I serve it in little expresso glasses.

    I hope you feel better soon! I am desperate for some fresh fruits and vegetables–too much cheese and chocolate and bread this week. I went up the street to try to buy a cucumber, but apparently the Spar up the street doesn’t stay open on Sunday evenings. I attempted to buy a cucumber off of one of the tandoori take-away fellows. He looked at me like I was insane. Which, perhaps, i am.

    Before the next semester starts I am going to create an action plan such that I always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, and reasonably healthy frozen dinners tucked away for emergencies. None of this “Is cheese and tea considered a balanced meal? What if there’s a spoonful of Nutella with it?” nonsense that my last week of school devolved into this time.

  3. mutteringsfromthemoor says:

    I still carried on eating them until midnight. And then I couldn’t sleep. When will I ever learn?!

    Now you see, Jellybeans I could easily never eat again for as long as I live (in fact, I don’t even remember the last time I had one) Or any sweets for that matter. But if I someone told me I could never have a bar of Green and Blacks milk chocolate ever again I may as well end it all right there and then!

    Your hot chocolate sounds fantastic! My favourite has to be this one:

    But it’s pretty pricey and very addictive so the jar only lasts me about a week!!

    I’ve told myself that this week I will eat lots of grapes and raw carrots so my trousers have a better chance of actually fitting. I think we both know it ain’t gonna happen though!

  4. rachelshadoan says:

    That hot chocolate looks amazing!

    I find that I really only crave raw carrots when I have been out playing in the snow! They’re not so bad if you dip them in hummus and cover them in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce:

    I like Frank’s because it’s not stupidly hot–you can taste it without your face immediately bursting into flame. It’s excellent on pizza.

    An alternative to the grapes and carrots trousers solution is the yoga trousers solution! Stretchy and comfy cotton! Not so great for being out-of-doors, perhaps, but still awesome!

  5. rachelshadoan says:

    I think perhaps the not-learning is what keeps us young! Doing silly things reminds us of when we were younger and did even more silly things. Ah, let’s hope stupidity keeps me young forever. (It did a couple of weeks ago while I was trying to sleep on Bader’s concrete floor! It also reminded me why it is that I am glad that I am not as young as I used to be. The stupidity is spread farther apart, giving me more time to recover from it.)

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