Letter: To Jeph Jacques of QuestionableContent.net

Dear Jeph,

It’s almost 4 am in Scotland. I’ve had two cups of tea in quick succession (both strong enough “to trot horses on”), and I want to thank you for saving my paper, bacon, butt, whatever.

There is something cool about you being in Texas (so close to where I’m from), tweeting about ethnography, while I am half a continent and a whole ocean away, finishing up my first semester studying ethnography by trying to write a paper on the evolution from academic anthropology to design ethnography. More accurately, I am failing to write a paper on it. But in following and responding to your tweets, I remembered something I had written early in the semester about what an ethnographer is, what they do, and how to be one. Blessedly, it’s the resource I needed–the one out of the 15 or so required that will really bring the whole shebang together.

So I’m just writing to thank you for bringing it to my mind. Enjoy Austin, while you’re there. As a token of my gratitude, I sent some green your way via paypal. Buy yourself a double of bourbon (what I would be drinking if I could get it over here, and the preferred drink of spies/private investigators/ethnographers everywhere) and a taco or barbecue (other things native to my homeland that are conspicuously missing on this side of the Atlantic) on me. Or, you know, spend it on hookers and blow, or small children that are both crunchy and delicious, whatever suits your fancy.

Thanks again,


Letter: To Jeph Jacques of QuestionableContent.net

2 thoughts on “Letter: To Jeph Jacques of QuestionableContent.net

  1. rachelshadoan says:

    How good, then, that my love for you is not unrequited!

    I would propose, but I doubt Grace is as groovy as Zack. 😉

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