Christmas Night Out

Tuesday was the Christmas Night Out for the MDE and MDes folks. Frances had taken upon herself to organize it. It was after the last of the major deliverables for the designers–us ethnographers were still stuck with the large and icky essay looming large on the horizon. I think it was intended to be a night of drunken debauchery. As for myself, I would just as soon stayed home and caught up on my blogging. But no one asked me, so I slipped into the only dress I brought with my from the States–classy black lace–and pulled on my boots.

cross legged blue

I wrapped myself in the sequined shawl that Alicia bought me at Zahie Max (the sari shop at the intersection of Constitution St. and Hilltown).



A pair of irridescent fuzed glass earrings later–a loan from Alicia because they matched my necklace (dichromatic glass from The Hunger Site’s shop)–we were once again, ready to roll.

The venue was Brae’s (chosen for its cost effectiveness, but also conveniently located). Braes is paneled in a warm, ruddy wood, and the room was invitingly lit candlelight.


The tables set aside for us were long and knee-knockingly narrow. They were decorated with candles in wintry globes and christmas crackers, and laid with silverware and prettily folded napkins.

place setting

Alicia and I were among the first to arrive–there was just a handful of designers huddling outside under the awning, talking and smoking. But we drifted in to our seats and they soon joined us.

Everyone was decked out in their Yuletide finery. To my left sat Emma and Will.

emma and will

On my right were Bader and Collin.

bader and collin

Across from me were Liza, Ceara, Jamie, Ryan, and Gill. (Unfortunately my picture of Jamie didn’t turn out.)



regal ryan

secret smile

The table was somewhat segregated–the designers sat at one end, and the ethnographers sat at the other, with the exception of Mal and I, who were mixed in with other groups. The other end of the table:


neha g mal

We cracked our utterly disappointing Christmas crackers (Harry Potter has forever ruined normal crackers for me), and put on our hats.


alicia and caoimhe

will and frances queenly cora

We ate an adequate meal that was more ample than remarkable, and then drew gifts from a sack that most of us had contributed to. (Alicia and I had totally forgotten, so we missed out on the drawing.)

gill santaing

We showed off our new loot (like Rashmi here with her Rubix Cube)

rubix cube rashmi

And then Alicia and I got bored and left for the Liar bar in the Dundee Student Union. Our boots, after all, are made for walking.

american boots

(Okay, so maybe hers aren’t strictly made for walking as much as they are made to be awesome-looking.)

Our compatriots eventually joined us


alicia and aaron

And a large time was had by all. Alicia and I left, like good little girls, just as the music started getting dancing good. After all, we had big essays to write. We decided, in the cab home, that nothing was quite as lame as being real grown ups.

Christmas Night Out

4 thoughts on “Christmas Night Out

    1. rachelshadoan says:

      Me too! Unfortunately they’re basically impossible to find for sale, now. I stocked up on them whenever I could afford them in hopes of having them for many years to come. I have three pairs–one that i’m wearing currently, one for when these wear out, and one to wear for the first time on my wedding day, in the event that I ever actually get married. It’s my “something blue”! You can still find some on ebay in the US, provided that your feet are on the smallish side (Pretty much all that one can locate is an American size 7). What size shoe do you wear?

      They are Born brand, and the style is Shavano. The color is Cruizin’ Turquoise.

      I have recently discovered that people will custom-dye cowboy boots for you. It’s typically done for show riders and rodeo queens, but it’s also something that you can do at home! I haven’t tried it, and honestly probably won’t until I go back home (where cowboy boots are cheaper and more plentiful), but when I do, I will let you know how it goes!

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor says:

    Can’t wait to see those wedding photos!

    I did that with some jeans once that fitted perfectly, but sadly ALL pairs are now falling apart (partly due to the fact that my husband discovered they fit him perfectly too so they got worn FAR too often!!)

    Those boots would be to small, I am a size 5 or 6 depending on the style. I treated myself to these a couple of months ago:

    I adore them! They look great with a funky little skirt and stripey tights 🙂

  2. rachelshadoan says:

    Well, when I do get married, I will be sure to have lots of pictures taken to share!

    Ah, the ever-elusive perfectly-fitting jeans. The problem with girl clothing, I find, is that as soon as you find something that works just perfectly for you, the style changes and you can’t find them anymore. My solution was to buy a whole lot of whatever it is that I like when i found it. Granted, I did that in 2006, before I started the hard part of an engineering degree, and now my bum is too large for them by a significant margin. I am saving them, though–eventually I shall escape from my engineering pudge!

    Fortunately for me, my boyfriend leans towards the neutral colors part of the spectrum, while I am solidly in the rainbow bright area, so I don’t have trouble with him usurping my clothing. 🙂

    Those boots are delightful! And they look like they have good traction, too! (That’s something I’m always looking for in shoes). Looks and practicality–a grand combination, if I do say so myself.

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