November 15 Sunday Night Note Synthesis

This is a bit from Sunday, November 16, the last week of the Capability Scotland Project. Ilya, Neha, and I met at Ilya’s apartment to eat lentil soup and apple cake, drink tea, and try to synthesize the enormous quantity of information we had collected from our fieldwork. It was a few days after the International Student Ceilidh, and my injured foot was a screaming ball of agony (and had been all day). Ilya fussed over Neha and I, propping my foot on a pillow and offering blankets and sustenance. It was a good evening, even if the work was difficult to wrap one’s mind around.

I am in Ilya’s apartment, swaddled in blankets and sheepskin pillows. The windows have steamed up from our breath and the water boiling for tea and coffee. The street lights outside shine shimmering orange through the clouded panes; the liquid beads and runs down the pane in impressionistic streaks. I am warm and content. The winter here feels right. The gray doesn’t depress me, and the early night only gives more time to be inside, warm with friends and tea, or outside in the mist and the streetlights.

Ilya makes his coffee like coffee is supposed to be made, according to Alton Brown.

Old Russin Proverb: “When you’re given take, when you’re beaten, run.”

November 15 Sunday Night Note Synthesis

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