Welcome to the Interwebs: There are lolcats here.

I wrote this up for the Design Ethnography blog and thought I would share it with you folks as well.

Here is something fun to break the end-of-semester working-super-hard blues.

It was brought to my attention that a significant portion of our number have never encountered lolcats. This is quite a gap in our education, and one that I have set out to remedy immediately. So, for you viewing pleasure I have compiled a small selection of classic lols. Some of the classics aren’t quite as good as newer lols, but they’re important for contextualizing later lols. Common lolcats themes include:

  • Invisible (ie, invisible bike, invisible sandwich, invisible roller coaster)
  • Basement cat (evil) vs. ceiling cat (good)
  • The lolrus (lolcat + walrus)
  • Upgrading RAM

Lolcats first appeared on the internet on 4chan.org’s b (random) message board. (Don’t hang out there if you value your sanity or your faith in humanity. It’s like the gutter of the internet; lots of sewage, with the occasional diamond ring that someone has dropped down the sink.) 4chan hosted “Caturday” on Saturdays, in which people would post pictures of cats. It snowballed from there. Lolspeak has contributed such phrases to English as:

  • “Made of win” – meaning awesome or cool
  • “Made of fail” – meaning lame or bad
  • “I can haz ?” – “May I please have ?”
  • “for the lolz!” – meaning “for kicks and giggles” or “for fun”. Often used as “Do it for the lolz!”

For more lolcats, check out http://icanhascheezburger.com/.
Another good one is Russian lolcats, which are lolcats captioned originally in Russian, with fake English translations. http://www.rolcats.com/ (They probably won’t be as funny for Russian speakers. Sorry!)

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some classic LOLs. (More after the jump)

Remember, kids, the interwebs are a big place! Don’t travel without a buddy. 😉

Welcome to the Interwebs: There are lolcats here.

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