Rainy Monday with Veg and Essays

I thought I would give you a flavor of my Monday.

After a very long morning of presentations, we broke for a beer at the Artbar to celebrate finishing up everything for our People and Design module. Afterward, Kate, Caoimhe, Alicia, and I were going to go to Kate’s apartment to work on our remarkably irritating essays for Tom Inn’s class. Kate lives up The Perth Road. The Perth Road is populated with all manner of delightful shops, including Fraser’s Fruit and Veg. Caoimhe and I had started walking while Kate and Ala finished their pints–she wanted to get her fringe (that’s Irish for bangs) trimmed, and I wanted to buy kale (lots of kale) from Fraser’s. I left her at the beauty parlor and tripped delightedly up the road to Fraser’s.

Fraser’s has everything you could possibly want in the way of local fruits and vegetables, and at reasonable prices! It is like a tiny piece of heaven, specifically tailored to my love of vegetables.

welcome to fraser's adjusted
stacks of fruit 2
savoy shelf
fruit longer
sugar snap peas and mushrooms
cut comb honey
apricot glow
adding more mushrooms putting away mushrooms
fraser fruit and veg

Fraser himself (at least, I assume that the young gentleman is Fraser, which could be a really terrible assumption) is a delight. I bought two large bags of kale, a jar of heather honey, a couple of golden beets, some tomatoes, and some black potatoes (a splurge, I admit, but I so love them).

I went to pick Caoimhe up from the bike shop (her bike is sick yet again), and then picked up some toppings for the pizza we were going to have for dinner. We ended up going back to Fraser’s for mushrooms and red onions. I threw in some clean carrots (the dirty ones are more expensive, unfathomably) and a caramel slice, too. I split the caramel slice with Caoimhe, and we bebopped up the street to Kate’s.

I took a nap on the sofa to soothe some boy-related blues while Alicia talked to her family in Polish and Kate made pizza. After dinner, we all settled down for essay writing.

alicia working
caoimhe concentrating
kate and apple

Rainy Monday with Veg and Essays

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