Hubris of the Dusk Walkers

One of my favorite hobbies is sunset chasing. It’s cheap, as far as my hobbies go (harp, aviation, and glass blowing are so expensive that I often have to drop them for periods of time while I gather funds). It’s also peaceful and delightful. Oklahoma is a grand place for sunsets–you can chase them for a long time (the roads are set like grids and you can drive west basically forever). This I think I wrote sometime in the winter of 2004. Probably February 2004.

We stood on the hill, you and I,
As the last golden light drained from the chalice of sky
We giggled

Intoxicated by our own cleverness
A tangled mess of freezing fingers and wind-chapped lips
We whispered

alone privy to the secrets
That the universe holds and gives to those dusk watchers
Whose rosy cheeks

Speak volumes and say nothing,
The tales of those straight-backed guardians of the horizon
Safe between our lips

Locked together
In the place where we keep the treasure of our souls,
Butterflies toy soldiers tied

With ribbon in a box
Holding us in the moment, hanging our breath on the air
While we wait

For the day to end
dawn coming to another world, golden sunshine wine
And kisses to light the darkest winter night.

Hubris of the Dusk Walkers

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