Wet feet and rain

I am in the Design Ethnography studio, listening to it rain. My feet are still cold and wet from walking to the DCA with Neha T. earlier. I just used a Sharpie to stir my tea, in a manner that was perhaps less absent minded and more lazy than Alicia, owner of the Sharpie, would likely appreciate. I took the tea with two lumps of sugar (cubes, really.). I love the way the sugar cubes in hot tea release little air bubbles like they are in drowning death throws. I suspect that is somewhat sadistic.

One of my knowledge swatches is totally complete, and I have the pictures down for the second. I may even be done by 9:00 pm when they kick us out of the studio.

In spite of my utterly idiotic use of my time last night, I am not as exhausted as I thought I would be. I ache some, but my mental function is not too terribly impaired. My reflexes are slightly slowed. My brain is slightly fuzzy. Listening is more difficult. Ah, to be making decisions like a freshman again. If only stupidity kept us young forever.

Wet feet and rain

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