List: Things I Need That I Can't Afford

  • Winter coat
  • Waterproof boots
  • Books for school
  • School supplies (Post-its, markers, etc)
  • Reusable non-leaky water bottle
List: Things I Need That I Can't Afford

2 thoughts on “List: Things I Need That I Can't Afford

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor says:

    There’s always stuff I need for the kids or the house that I can’t afford, so my first point of call is usually freecycle.

    If you join your local group you may find things you need, and things you don’t need but want, and maybe even some things that you don’t need or want but they attract your attention anyway 🙂

  2. rachelshadoan says:

    Brilliant! Thanks! I’ll look into it. Perhaps I can even locate a food processor.

    Back home, we have something similar in the free section of Craigslist. I’m also an avid dumpster-diver. My dad and I used to have dumpster diving dates. (He once brought home three broken pianos from a trash heap on his mail route.) I tried to break myself of the habit my last year at university, because it makes me feel like a seagull or a pack rat (Oo, shiny! Look at that potentially useful object!), but this semester it has come in handy. So far I have located a much-needed hammer and trowel that were just abandoned on the street here.

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