List: To Do Tuesday, November 3

Call Parceforce to explain that I have already paid their damn customs and handling fees, and can prove that I have done so, and insist they deliver my damn package before my feet freeze to death and my good knife is completely ruined

Call CWA Insurance to cancel it

Find out why my moon cup has not arrived

Research Ainsley Room Insurance

Wash the dishes in the sink

Write up notes from Thursday’s observations of Capability Scotland’s MIND panel

Trek to Lidl to buy food

Turn off the dehumidifier when the clothes in Alicia’s room are done drying

Cook chicken

Make pie

Check out Tayside recyclers for weights and supplies for prototyping for the Food and Sustainability project

Knit together panoramas of board work for Food and Sustainability Project

Photograph papers taken home from class for the Food and Sustainability Project

Email Suzanne saying that Neha and I will be able to observe in Perth on Friday

Photograph or scan assorted documentation of my time in Dundee thus far

Affix my laundry drying rack to the wall

Do laundry

Clean the floors in the apartment

Download the photos from my camera to my computer

Mail the letter to Zack

Do desk research for Volunteering Sustainability project

Look up round trip train ticket costs to Perth for Friday

Label and archive email in my inbox until it has fewer than 20 emails in it

List: To Do Tuesday, November 3

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