Letter: From Scottish Guy Without an Accent to the DUTCH GIRL!!!

I found the following letter typed, placed in sheet protectors, and taped to lampposts along Constitution St. and Constitution Rd.


I met you on the Megabus Wednesday night/Thursday morning and we talked for three-odd hours all the way home. However, once the bus stopped we said goodbye and regrettably I neglected to give you my number.

All I know is your sister stays on Constituion Stree and you’re visiting for four days. I know this is a bit, em, crazy, and I know you’re heading back to The Netherlands and I’m moving to Manchester (got the job!), but I really liked speaking to you and this is now the only way I can think of to get in touch.

Maybe I’ve seen one too many movies, but here’s my e-mail address if you want to get in touch:

[redacted to protect the guilty]

Hopefully speak soon.


Scottish guy without an accent


[Edit 2009/11/02  22:54 : Gareth, the Scottish guy without an accent, responded to my email and pointed me to this article about his adventure, which was posted on the front page of the Evening Telegraph.]

Letter: From Scottish Guy Without an Accent to the DUTCH GIRL!!!

2 thoughts on “Letter: From Scottish Guy Without an Accent to the DUTCH GIRL!!!

    1. rachelshadoan says:

      Me too! It was just a delightful story. It seems like the people of Dundee really rallied behind him. He responded to me saying that he had been just overwhelmed by all the people emailing him to wish him well. I am considering using the same lampposts he used to find his Dutch girl as an experiment in community-building. I just don’t yet know what to leave on them! I think it should be something more inspirational and interactive than beer-fetching robot haikus.

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