For the first time since I have arrived in Scotland, it is raining loudly enough for me to hear it inside the thick stone walls of my building.

Unfortunately, it’s not a rushing, comforting sound like the rain i’m accustomed to. It’s a drippy sound, like a leaking faucet, loud enough and inconsistent enough to wake me from my light, restless sleep.

I can’t waste a night to insomnia. It’s less than eight hours until I have to get up for school, so I didn’t take the Tylenol PM. I couldn’t get the package open, anyway. Instead, I took a couple of dramamine (which I have never taken before), and a chlorotab to stop my face from itching, and am hoping that I will be sound asleep in short order.

I’m also hoping I don’t regret the cocktail of sleepiness that I just swallowed. I need a grouchy groggy day tomorrow like I need a shotgun blast to the sinuses.


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