Vintage BFR–Margarita Mischeif

Often the story behind a BFR haiku is almost as good as the haiku itself. The story in this case is long, but to give you a flavor, here are the tweets leading up to the haiku.

If I didn’t have so much work to do I would spend the rest of the day swigging fighting cock out of the bottle

And also throwing eggs and

Stabbing every idiot who spouts bad, ill supported science

Stabbed some styrofoam to death and took a shot of fighting cock out of the bottle. Feel slightly better.

Drinking. it improves your outlook and frustration tolerance. I feel much better.

Thunderstorms, whiskey, and shanking are the only solutions I want any part of.

I want to make margaritas but I am not convinced that a blender does not count as “heavy machinary”

Does a blender count as “heavy machinary”?

Am considering going out onto the street, holding a blender full of ice & margarita mix and wandering forlornly until someone helps me


Beer fetching robot

operates blender for rach

makes some margaritas

Vintage BFR–Margarita Mischeif

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