Halva Epiphany

I am rereading my journal entries from Greece and Germany in preparation for leaving for Scotland. On my day in Athens I wrote this:

In the stand with the most nuts and dried fruit there were also huge wheels of something that I could not for the life of me identify. At first I thought it was a kind of cheese that I had never encountered before—white marbled with a light cocoa color. But upon closer inspection of a saran-wrapped slice of the substance, it became apparent that it had a grain more similar to cake or sand than to cheese. I was perplexed.

Rereading it now, I think it must have been halva, which is a middle eastern sugar confection made of nut butter and sugar.

In other news, I sent my first texts into Texts From Last Night. Here it is, for posterity.

(214): So my current version of going to play when my homework is done is to go read about afghanistan and sleep. Lame this is
(405): Could be worse! Your play could be putting on a gimp suit and jerking off to pictures of your mom eating babies.
(405): Or even lamer–watching the Golf Channel
(214): I’m going to assume that’s the swollen tonsils talking and go bleach my brain
(405): see! Now you have another playtime activity! Everyone loves a little recreational brain bleaching!

Halva Epiphany

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