Terrorizing possums and blueberry crepes

Why, yes, i did spend my Wednesday evening terrorizing possums and making blueberry crepes. Doesn’t everyone?

My sister is in from Boulder, so I am staying out at Choctaw to hang with her for a few days. My grandparents arrive Friday for my graduation party… None of my friends will be there, which is somewhat lame. I suspect I will be disappearing from the country with more of a whimper than a bang, but I suppose that’s all right.

I made a build-your-own crepe bar for dinner tonight, with roasted vegetables, goat cheese, and chicken. It was delicious, and well-received even by Rick, who is somewhat neophobic. He did not take as well to my new nickname for his delightful vintage cadillac–it is upholstered with red velvet on the inside and painted white on the outside; therefore, Cupcake is a perfect nickname! I can see the vanity plates and rear view mirror decorations now.

After the adults finally went to bed, I made dessert crepes for Shanna and I. I improvised a blueberry filling with honey, strawberry jam, and fresh blueberries. Paired with goat cheese, it was (purportedly) delightful. I kept my crepe more simple–just goat cheese and honey.

My father woke up about eleven to help us terrorize the possum. They feed scraps to the wildlife out here. So, we crept outside and flipped on the floodlights, illuminating the scrap pile and startling the living daylights out of the possum that was scarfing down his dinner. They did this last night as well, and Shanna has tried it three times tonight (only catching the possum once.)

That poor possum is going to develop an eating disorder. But Shanna is so delighted by it!

It was a good day, if not that productive. I was approached by a missionary in the wal-mart parking lot. He was a nice fellow; I politely told him I was an atheist and he gave up. I can’t help but feel that I should have done more to convince him that I am not a baby-eating evil monster, or whatever it is that Christians think about atheists. I also feel that he was in a very weird place. This is oklahoma–isn’t he preaching to the choir? Everyone here is either already Christian or loathes Christianity. Further, are Wal-Mart parking lots cesspools of sin?

Tonight is the persied meteor shower. Lori and I used to watch it every year before school started. I remember one time my dad drove us out in the country to watch it at like 3 am, and we had just settled into a nice pasture to watch the shower when all of a sudden the song about insane asylums comes on the radio. You know the one, “the’yre coming to take me away hah hah”… It was not a great mood setter. We left not long after.

My favorite meteor shower memory is of a winter shower, though. My mom and I just got a blanket and watched the shower from the sidewalk in front of my house, cuddling and watching the sky. It must have been four or five in the morning.

I have good parents. They also have the Elixir of Life in their fridge. Literally.

Terrorizing possums and blueberry crepes

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