Honda Recalls

Another part of my car is being recalled.

This spring, while driving home from Arkansas after camping in Devil’s Den, my steering column began to smoke. Not billowing clouds of black, just little wisps of blue. So slight that I might not have noticed they were there if not for the burning electrical smell. But I am a hyper alert driver when it comes to unusual smells, sounds, or puny wisps of smoke. Zack and I pulled over and investigated the problem as fully as we were able under the circumstances. I discovered that the hottest part of the steering column was the area around the switch for the headlights. I noted this as unusual, as that part of the steering column was not in the sun, and decided that this was likely the source of the problem.

In the following days, my headlights stopped working. I described the problem to my father, along with my observations and my conclusion. He said he didn’t think it was likely the headlight switch. He called his mechanic (not the baboon with wrenches, fortunately), who also said that I was crazy and that it wasn’t the headlight switch.

Finally, I took it to the mechanic, and guess what it was, bitches? THE FUCKING HEADLIGHT SWITCH LIKE I SAID ALL ALONG. (It never ceases to amaze me that no one ever believes me when I diagnose my own car problems. And so far, every time I have been right.)

Moreover, it had been recalled, because it was prone to MELTING. However, because no one had informed me of the recall (which happened four years before I bought the car), I didn’t know about it and paid $120 to get it fixed instead of getting it done for free at the dealership. I called up Honda Customer Service, gave them my VIN, and they said that my car wasn’t covered by the recall and that they wouldn’t pay for my service. They gave me the information of people to write to try to get compensated, but I figured it was basically impossible and gave up. Well, today when I heard about a new set of recalls, I signed up for their Recall Notification site, and guess what?

My car WAS part of the melty headlight switch recall.

Good job, Honda. Way to convince me that you’re not as incompetent as every other car company.

However, since I have tossed both the receipt and the melty headlight switch itself, it is unlikely that I will be reimbursed for my trouble. I may still write them a letter to see.

More recently, there has been another recall. Something about air bags not working properly, exploding badness, shards of metal death, etc. I will be taking it to the dealer in the near future to get this repaired.

Honda Recalls

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